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Ice – International Cooperation in Education

International Cooperation in Education enhances the exchange of educational research between Germany and international partners. The liaison office provides advice and support to empirical educational institutions and individual educational researchers for establishing and improving German/International research initiatives.  

Besides, the team organizes international conferences and symposia and generates evaluation studies or research reports for organizations that operate internationally.

Services for educational researchers include:

Project Consulting: Ice helps establish international consortia, for example for OECD or UNESCO projects, and offers assistance in the early stages of a project to determine topics and develop finance strategies.

Research Funding: Ice provides information about research funding tailored to the needs of educational research. In tapping financial resources for projects ice resorts to calls of Horizon 2020, the European Science Foundation, bi- and multilateral agreements and foundations operating on a European and on an international scale.

Young Researchers: Ice helps young researcher to keep track of the newest developments in Brussels by regularly organizing study days on European funding opportunities.

last modified Dec 15, 2016