Winter School 2021

Call for Papers

International and comparative education science goes digital?!

(Pandemic) challenges and (new) opportunities for digital transformation for (emerging) researchers

Online conference on December 9 and 10, 2021

Abstract Submission Deadline extended to October 31, 2021

Topic at Winter School

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many travel restrictions and in some countries even to the closure of educational institutions that lasted many months which has severely affected respectively still affects research in the field of international and comparative education science. For instance, in 2020 and 2021 it was hardly possible to spend research visits for the purpose of assessments in the course of doctoral studies. Exchange and international networking among colleagues was highly limited. At the same time, many researchers had to shift data assessments to online formats such as online interviews, Social Media analyses, digital ethnography etc. Putting it positively, this has set off a dynamic development as to the use and reflection of digital methods and (post)digital science, which turned out beneficial for the further development in educational science.
(Not only) emerging researchers from international and comparative education are facing a number of issues in this context, and our Winter School thus offers room for exchange in this regard.

  • How have researchers experienced the “enforced move towards “going digital” regarding their own research and how have emerging researchers reacted?
  • How do digital technologies change research (e.g. how does the use of conferencing tools such as “Zoom” or “MS Teams” influence access to interview partners and interview practices? How can context and culture be grasped via online formats? To what extent do such formats influence the interpretation of data assessments?). And: What are the limitations (e.g. capacity limits of qualitative research in the analysis of highly dynamic and data intensive materials such as websites, Twitter & co)?
  • How can digital methods and materials be made visible for comparative and international educational research?
  • What perspectives have been developed by emerging researchers, and what are the remaining issues that need further counselling and discussion? What do emerging researchers desire respectively fear regarding the future of comparative and international research?

The Winter School will provide an opportunity for discussing these thematic aspects and questions. We invite interested emerging researches to submit impressions from their doctoral and postdoctoral studies. The Winter School is conceived as a forum for confidential exchange.

You will find the preliminary agenda in the infobox below.

Conference format

Presentations should take ca. 15-20 minutes. You will be thematically allocated to working groups, moderated by recognized researchers. We are moreover planning two keynotes on the conference topic, workshops on digital methods, and (more) open exchange sessions (see program).

Target group

We welcome contributions from researchers at different stages of qualification. The Winter School thus targets doctoral students as well as postdocs from the thematic area of international respectively comparative education science. Formal membership to the commission is not conditional.


This year’s Winter School once more offers the opportunity to present papers and discuss in either English or German. We have invited national as well as international experts for the keynotes and workshops.

Submission and registration

Abstracts can be submitted in English or German, maximum length 2,000 characters, with reference to the thematic scope of the Winter School. Please supply a short biographical note with your abstract (max. 750 characters).

Abstracts can be submitted here: Y29vcGVyYXRpb25AZGlwZi5kZQ==

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2021.

Online registration is open. Please see the link below in the Infobox.


There is no registration fee.


The Winter School will take place online, via ”Zoom”. The conference link will be sent with a reminder email approximately 3 working days prior to the event.


Please address any remaining questions to:

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Hartong, Chair of VIE
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