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Synopsis of all preparatory studies and all documents of ADEA Biennial 2008

The Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit (giz) commissioned a synopsis focusing on research questions and outcomes as a preparatory work, aiming to strengthen the profile of the gtz sector for post-primary education, to summarise the studies and documents that had been prepared for 2008 the Biennial ADEA (Association for the Development of the Education in Africa).

Following the “Education for All” initiative, it was possible to harness basic education in many countries in Africa, while there is a lack of concepts for implementing post-primary general education.

Project Description

The project targeted a synoptic account of  evaluations, research projects and political position papers that had been submitted by different African countries for the Biennial ADEA (Association for the Development of the Education in Africa) 2008.
The synopsis targeted an overview of contemporary insights in the thematic field of post-primary education in Africa, taking it as a starting point for harnessing profiles in developmental cooperation.
Methodologically, the project presents a document analysis. The result is a synopsis of studies on diverse countries in Africa that were compiled for the 2008 Biennial.
The synopsis was commissioned by the giz.

Project Funding


Project Team

Sieglinde Jornitz

Ellen McKenney

Project Data

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