Since 2013, ice participates with its own events at the AERA annual meeting. Since 2017, ice offers experts from educational research and practice the opportunity to present and discuss current research in the field of "Education for Refugees" during thematic roundtables.

AERA 2017: „Migrants and refugees in educational systems and educational research“
Chair: Deborah Palmer, Rebecca Callahan

AERA 2018: „Migration, Refugees, and Public Education: Challenges and Opportunities“
Chair: Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick, Alexander W. Wiseman

  • The Integration of Refugee Children and Youth: A Systematic Review of German- and English-Language Literature
    Débora B. Maehler
  • The German Longitudinal Refugee Study “Refugees in the German Educational System (ReGES)” – Progress Report
    Jutta von Maurice
  • Exploring Opportunities for the Establishment of a Cross- National Comparative Cohort Study of Mental Health and Educational Outcomes among Migrant Children and Youth
    Kathy Georgiades
  • Impact of Teacher Preparation and Professional Development on Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Student Outcomes in OECD Countries
    Alexander W. Wiseman, Ericka Galegher
  • Interdisciplinary Centre for Integration and Migration Research (InZentIM)
    Herman-Josef Abs
  • Language Practices in Multilingual Families
    Ingrid Gogolin, Julia Heimler
  • Peer Building Processes in ECEC Systems. Challenges and Opportunities for Refugee Children
    Stefanie Greubel
  • Education for Refugees as Solution for Integration: Between International Scripts and National Adaptations
    Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick, Elizabeth Bruce
  • Female Refugee Transitions into Higher Education
    Maureen Park, Ericka Galegher
  • MySkills – Identifying Professional Competencies
    Handout by Britta Upsing

AERA 2019: „Migration, refugees, and public education: Challenges and opportunities, language and literacy approach“
Chair: Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick

AERA 2020: "Education for Refugees"
Chairs: Alexander Wiseman and Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick

In 2020 DIPF originally planned two Roundtables on „Edcuation for Refugees“. Due to the Covid-19-Pandemic the annual AERA Meeting in San Francisco was cancelled. As in recent years DIPF again wanted to offer a space for Northamerican, German and international researchers to discuss their research, engagge in transatlantic cooperations and talk about current trends in education research.

Following roundtables were planned:

„Defining Refugees and Refugee Education“
Chair: Alexander W. Wiseman
  • Moving beyond methodological nationalism to develop a transnational perspective on the educational pathways of displaced and dispossessed migrant youth
    William Perez
  • Refugee youths’ educational and social participation: An ethnographic inquiry
    Dilek Kayaalp
  • Pensando en Rosa y los Otros Alumnos Transnacionales de Varios Perfiles que Encontrábamos en Mexico (Thinking About Rosa and Various Other Transnational Students We Have Encountered in Mexico)
    Edmund T. Hamann
  • New American Refugees: A case study of how a community of Nepali-speaking Bhutanese familiesexperience school and educational policy in the Northeast
    Cynthia Reyes, Hemant Ghising and Shana J. Haines
  • Temporalities of Refugee Identity and Education
    Amberley Middleton
  • Gender differences in vocational interests: A comparison between native born, migrant and refugee adolescents
    Florian G. Hartmann and Jutta von Maurice, Dominik Weigand

„Training Teachers to Educate Refugee and Humanitarian Migrant Youth“
Chair: Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick
  • Exemplary Practices of New Zealand Teachers Preparing Refugee Youth for Resettlement: The First SixWeeks
    Jody McBrien
  • Teachers coping with cultural diversity: Case studies on assessment practices, challenges and experiences in Austrian secondary schools
    Herbert Altrichter, Katharina Soukup-Altrichter, Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger and Magdalena Fellner
  • Change of curricula, teacher educators and support measures – how initial teacher education in Europe shouldbe able to cope with (humanitarian) migrant students
    Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger
  • Training Teachers to Educate Refugee and Humanitarian Migrant Youth
    Jihae Cha and Min Choi
  • Isolating or Inclusive? Educating refugee youth in the United States
    Jill Koyama
  • Educating Newcomer Immigrant & Refugee Youth in U.S. Schools
    Monisha Bajaj
  • Radical Acceptance: A framework for preparing teachers to support students with refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds
    Maura Sellers